October 1, 2023

Effective Ways to Increase Your Small Balcony Space

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A small balcony can feel like a squeeze, but there are a few effective ways to increase your space.

A raised planter is a great way to maximize your balcony’s floor area, says HomeSense design expert Tamara Robbins Griffith.

A good choice of foliage plants will provide color and greenery throughout the year. Vegetables are also a popular choice, especially climbing varieties that can be trained up trellis or obelisks.

Go Vertical

Whether it’s stacking up your apartment potted plants, hanging lights from the ceiling or adding shelves, going vertical is an effective way to increase your small balcony space. You’ll also save money in the long run by using this type of creative space-saving idea.

You can even use rolled bamboo screens as a privacy screen for your balcony to keep prying eyes out of the way! This will add a boho look to your small balcony and create the illusion that you have your own secret garden.

Another big advantage of vertical integration is that it can help companies control their supply chain and create a product or service that’s specifically tailored to a local market. This can give you a competitive advantage and help you to gain more local market share.

Create Mini Zones

If you have a small balcony, creating mini zones can make it feel much more spacious. For instance, you could divide the space into a reading area and a dining area.

You can also create a plant area where you pot your favorite plants and store things like soil and basic gardening tools. Creating these small areas can help you to maximize the use of your balcony and keep it neat and tidy.

You can also try to add some lighting if you have space for it. Whether you wrap lights around the railing or hang some eye-catching outdoor pendants, string lights are sure to make your balcony look more inviting!

Maximize Your Seating

Adding seating to your balcony is one of the most effective ways to increase the space, but be sure to choose furniture that can fit into the limited area. Select a sofa or bistro table that folds up easily and can be stored when not in use, so you can save even more square footage.

Alternatively, consider a bench that can expand the seating without taking up valuable floor space. You can also find bench-style seats that have an open-frame design, which helps to keep the space looking spacious.

You don’t need a lot of seating to enjoy your balcony, but it can be nice to have a comfortable place to sit. You can get a cozy chair or a small daybed that’s perfect for reading and watching the sunset, or you can add a few floor pillows to provide plenty of comfort when sitting.

Add Storage

A good storage solution can really help you make the most of your small balcony space. It can also add some personality to your apartment balcony.

Investing in furniture that can double up as storage is an excellent way to do this. Sofas and benches with a hidden storage compartment underneath can be an amazing addition to your space, especially if you want a sleek, minimalistic look.

Another great way to store things on your balcony is by putting up some shelves. Wall storage is a great way to maximize your small balcony space and can even match the style of your decor.

Ladder shelves are a simple and inexpensive way to store items on your balcony, but don’t use them for storing outdoor cushions or blankets as they could get wet. Alternatively, you can use a waterproof storage box, which is more practical and will keep your stuff dry.

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